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May's Photography has been creating dynamic photographs for clients in the USA and Europe for over twenty years.  An early adopter of digital imaging techniques, Todd and Chun Ae May can create just the right image for your advertising needs.  Creating Big, Bold, Colorful and Powerful images is what we do.

Product catalog photography is created using light and shadows.  Shadows show shape, form and texture.  Light allows details to be seen and highlighted.  Photography is all about shadow and highlights.  Create something with us.

Executive portraits of very powerful people is what we do.  Athletes to CEO's.  Creating just the right dynamic image to help you with your marketing goals.  Experience allows us to approach each project with eyes that can help shed some light on the subject.  Photography is what we do.

Medical devices have very specific needs and approach to photograph them.Fabric trim catalog image  Light is like playing billiards.  Light bounces, and controlling that bounce or reflection is what we do.  Putting shinny metal object or reflective glass into light and shadow takes skill to put it where you need it.

Texture helps products come to life.  Photographs that look like you could touch them convinces you to buy.  Mastering skills to create that texture takes experience.  That is what we do.

Fine Art photography is accomplished with the best possible system in the world in order to capture the detail and textures of the artwork.  Picasso to Monet and in between.  We have photographed artist work with a system that produces the best reproduction quality you can get.  A scan back system allows pure color from all three chips in the camera.  Not just one chip with pixels information being made up by math.  Pure color created by three chips of pure color.


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