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We are two passionate photographers who met and enjoyed the darkroom.  We have been taking pictures for years before meeting and have continued to create pictures for over twenty years in our studio based south of Boston.  As a family run studio we have delivered many images to many clients.  From Catalog photography to High Tech publications.  Our images have helped the advertising community deliver results.

Todd May and Chun Ae May have taken clients into the digital age of photography and educated them along the way.  Todd has a background in the PrePress industry which helped him to be an early adopter of Photoshop and digital technology.  Todd and Chun Ae May portraitTodd first used Photoshop in 1992.  He has not looked back.  Todd and Chun Ae sold their darkroom in 1998 when they decided to go completely digital at the time.  Always concerned about color being what the client needed.  May's Photography has always been a firm believer in Color Management practices that allow your product to be displayed on screen just as it shows up in print.  A client deserves to know that what they see is what they get.  Make sure that your photography is color managed.

Digital technology allows a person to do many things.  If it is not right in the camera and on set prior to taking the picture, you are spending many hours fixing it later.  Yes it can be done that way, but should it be done that way?  Get it right the first time, saves you money in the long run.  Plan the job to be photographed correctly and you will have better results in the final product you are producing.

Passion is what we do.  We are passionate about creating Big, Bold, Powerful and Colorful photography for you and your clients.  Todd and Chun Ae are passionate about helping your projects become the best.  We have seen many projects through the years and we can help you create yours.  Ideas from production to design to end purpose are all things taken into consideration when developing a shot plan for your your next project.

Education is always important in a career.  Todd and Chun Ae have always taken additional training and educations to continue to deliver quality results for our clients.  Todd has been involved with CIPNE and ASMP through the years at both the membership level and board level.  Currently serving on NESOP PAC as a board member.

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