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Creating the right look on location.  We have to do that and make the clients happy.  Well that is our job.  Make the clients happy.  We need to make sure that what we deliver is what the clients want. color checker In Studio or on Location.  There is no difference.  It is still all about controling the light.  Corporate Photography can involve multiple light sources.  Being a photographer we have to learn how to balance them to achieve the best results.  Sometimes we just bring our own instant daylight soloution.  Other times we balance.  I have done all approaches and have created fantastic Corporate photographs for our advertising clients.  Knowing how to achieve the results you want is all in the preparation, not as a after thought to try to fix something.  We create a balance upfront to make sure all our images are what we expect.  No guessing.  When we used to use film to photograph jobs, we also had to make sure we were color balanced with the light sources.  Multiple sources sometimes, all with various color temperatures.  All potential problems to fix before we ever took a picture.  The same thing exists today.  



Photography is all about controling the light.  Exposure is based off of light and shadow.  executive portrait and athlete portraitFeeling is created with Light and Shadows.  Drymatic light will create Dynamic photographs that will bring dynamic results for the right message.  Pick the correct look and feel of how you want your product photographs to be reproduced.  Light creates feeling.  Shadows create drama and shape.  Learning how to control the shadows and light is what makes products or people portraits stand out.  Shape defines texture and what you want to be seen in a product or portrait.  Light is what brings out that shape.  Shadows are what define the shape.  Make your next photograph have shape.  Use light to create it and use shadows to shape it.  Proper use of light will help you have better photographs.  Remember the world is not flat.



Look at a photograph of food that makes you want to bite it.  Food that looks so good you could eat it right off the page.  Food Photography is about making people want to eat it.  Presentation and lighting are part of the whole process.  Food Styling is a huge part of the success of good food photography.  food photograph os Dunkin Donuts Flatbread sandwichPoor execution of doing it yourself will usually result in pictures that do not represent your product well.   A team approach to creating highly successful food photography is what we do.  Make sure your next food photography job is done right.



Photography and marketing are subjective.  It depends on your audience.  Finding the right story to sell your vision is what makes the image interesting.  The story is everything. Interest is what we want.  That moment when your customers pause and look at your ad or product.  It can be something like Shock pause or it can be something like Wow that looks really good pause.  How are your ads being looked at?  Are you doing it right?  

We have been creating Big, Bold, Powerful and Colorful photography for many clients across the country.  Now is your chance to work with us on your next project.  Create something Powerful today.




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